2012 Susan Bursk Community Service Award Nominations

Seeking your nominations for this  year's winner

Nominations due Friday May 11, 2012 by 5pm


Every year the community service non-profit SoRo Inc. and South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) partner to present a community service leadership award to a South Robertson stakeholder who has made outstanding contributions to the community.

We are trying hard to broaden our reach and capture unsung heroes in the community that we may not typically know about.  We are looking to recognize people who do good works in SORO whether or not they hold official "leadership" positions. Your neighbor, friend, colleague—even someone you've admired from afar—could be the recipient this year.

Please help us recognize our neighbors, educators, students, volunteers, business owners, employees, faith and organizational representatives and others who's extraordinary efforts broadly benefit the SORO community. Is there an unsung hero making a difference in your community that deserves recognition? Let us know!

Submission instructions are on the form, which is available for download in either MS Word or PDF format.