Grow LA Victory Garden Classes

SORO NC Green Team For four consecutive Sundays (May 1–22) at the Hami Garden, the Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative will help new gardeners start their own gardens quickly and easily in a container, in the backyard or at a community garden. Participants are able to turn their interest in gardening into successful, productive gardens that will generate positive changes in their homes by helping to lower grocery bills and enhance opportunities to eat healthy food.

The Grow LA Victory Garden classes are organized and led by UC California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener volunteers. Those who complete the 4-week training will become UC-Certified Victory Gardeners.

List of topics include the following:
  • Week 1: Planning, tools, containers, building raised beds, seed starting, plant selection 
  • Week 2: Soil preparation, soil properties, transplanting, irrigation, and mulching
  • Week 3: Composting, pest management (weeds, diseases, insects), beneficial insects, organic pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Week 4: Harvesting, pollination, seed saving, fruit trees, recipes, review, graduation 

Visit our event page for more information about the program and registration.