Green Living: free environmental workshops for all

Beginning next month on October 13th, environmental experts from Sustainable Works will begin the first of three six-workshop series conducted at three different venues convenient to SORO residents: Westside Pavilion (Oct 2011), Fairfax High School (Oct 2011), and Temple Isaiah (April 2012).

These classes are being offered for FREE via a $45,000 grant secured by Council District 5 through LADWP and the US Department of Energy.

The six-week workshops meet once a week for 90 minutes. Over the course of the six evenings, you will learn how to reduce your impact on the earth by living more sustainable lives, as well as practical information for how to reduce your energy and water bills, reduce your waste and make better consumer choices regarding transportation and food. Each attendee will get lots of free goodies such as aerators, low-flow showerheads, CFL's, and tire pressure gauges. In addition, each evening, Sustainable Works will conduct a free raffle of compost bins, worm bins, rain barrels and many more items. Download the workshop flyer for more information.

For dates, times, and addresses and to pre-register for any series visit:

Westside Pavilion

Starts Thursday October 13th • 7-8:30pm • runs for six Thursdays
Register online or at 310-458-8716 ext. 2

Fairfax High School

Starts Tuesday October 18th • 7-8:30pm • runs for six Tuesdays
Register online or at 310-458-8716 ext. 2

Temple Isaiah

Starts Monday April 16th • 7-8:30pm • runs for six Mondays
Register at 310-458-8716 ext. 2

Council Member Paul Koretz of Council District 5 said:
"Every day, we make decisions that can have a positive or negative impact on the earth, with every one of us playing a vital role. I hope these programs can show all of us—our neighbors, friends and relatives, that we no longer need to feel overwhelmed by ballooning water and energy bills. Although we face diminishing resources, our communities must be empowered by the knowledge that our simple day-to-day choices can have a direct impact on our present and future lives."

Don’t pass up this wonderful opportunity to learn how you can reduce your impact on mother earth. Sign up for a class and share this information with your neighbors and community. We'll all be better off for it.