Beth Hirsch

Beth joined the board in 2014. Her interest and involvement with the Neighborhood Council began after a problem in her neighborhood needed solving and she went looking for help. She found an amazing organization of people here at the SORO NC with the will and connections to get things done and she knew this is where she wanted to be. Beth has a strong belief in the importance of civic engagment. She currently serves as the Quality of Life Chair, where she has lead a great team of folks who work on community issues such as homelessness and projects like our Computer Literacy program. She is on several committees and serves on the Executive baord as Board Secretary. In addition in 2017, she began Chairing the Community's Soro Festival, a large city wide supported event hosted in our beautiful neighborhood. Beth fights for causes related to, families, fair housing, crime and safety, human traffiking, rights for small business, growth of the middle classand general neighborhood and city well being. She’s volunteered on several political campaigns, in fundraising, getting out the vote and other grass roots efforts. Beth can be a resourceful and creative problem solver and will use those skills to help move this unique neighborhood forward. Her background is in arts and entertainment and she currently runs a small culinary business.