Your Boardmembers

Olga Lexell has lived in South Robertson since 2014 and worked here since 2012. She works in entertainment and media. Her priorities include increased affordable housing, homelessness outreach, tenants' rights, direct aid, improved bus service, minimizing reliance on cars, expansion of bicycle lanes, and green space preservation. She serves as Land Use Co-Chair, and is part of the Outreach and Transportation committees.

I am an L.A. native and have lived in SORO for the last 8 years. My wife and I are truly blessed to raise our two kids in this community, but there is so much more that our community can do.

The Neighborhood Council was started to take an active step in making this city the best it can be, and I will continue to help it take admirable steps in this pursuit. I look forward to being a leader that can truly influence the diverse community that the neighborhood encompasses.

I am a lifetime resident of Soro.

From 2004 – 2010 I served as a member of the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council. I served 5 years as Vice President or Acting President. For that period I was Chairman of the following committees: Executive, Public Safety & By-Laws. I was also a member of the Land Use Committee and the Outreach Committee.

I was re-elected to the Board in October, 2012. My focus for the next four years will be quality of life in our community. Specifically Public Safety, programs for both young people and for retirees, and the economic revitalization of the Soro Business Community.

I have lived in the Pico Robertson part of SORO since 2007. I met my wife here, and we now have 2 children in SORO. We work here, learn here, attend synagogue here, socialize here and shop here. We have an inherent interest in keeping our neighborhood a good place to live. And in many ways that makes me a typicalmember of the SORO community.

In SORO we don't have big-box stores, or a big mall, or a dominant employer. We are a community of smaller communities, local services, small businesses, arts and culture. I joined the SORO Board with a focus on maintaining the diverse and charming aspects of our neighborhood, while building on our strengths.

I am a religious person, and proud of my religion. I think that the strength of my own identity and beliefs gives me respect for the beliefs of others - and I like the diversity of SORO and the general sense of mutual respect that I feel here.

Long before coming to SORO I was born in Phildelphia, educated in New England, I have lived in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois and finally in California. I am glad to be living in Los Angeles, where pockets of wilderness coexist with urban density and modernity.

If you're reading this then i have a challenge for you. Take a minute and drop me a note at, and let me know 2 (or more) things that you'd like to see your neighborhood council and your city do in the next year.
Resident of Reynier Village (Zone 5) Since 2011. Second term on SORO NC Board (Previously 2016-2018).
I have lived in this neighborhood all of my 70 plus years and have been a community activist for most of my adult life. I attended Canfield Elementary school, Palms Junior High and Hamilton High School. I have an AA degree in photography from Santa Monica College. I have worked as a photographer here on the Westside for over thirty five years. By working in the community, I believe, we can make this a better neighborhood to live in for all of us.

Occupation: Photographer - events, architecture and portraits
During the dot com movement of the nineties Dan worked as a computer and networking technician and by the turn of the century he was managing the information technology department at a large insurance company. Seeking to refocus his career on improving the well-being of others, he returned to academia and completed his Bachelors degree in Psychology with a focus on Cognitive Science at UCLA. Incorporating his technology experience with this degree, he went on do cognitive psychology research at UCLA. Striving to put these new skills to work in a community context, he continued his education and earned is Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Applied Community Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. He is currently the Deputy Director of The Relational Center, a non-profit that works to improve the wellbeing of Los Angeles residents and their communities. Dan is also co-founder of Open Roots Consulting, providing organization development consulting to individuals, teams, communities, and organizations.