Your Boardmembers

I am a lifetime resident of Soro.

From 2004 – 2010 I served as a member of the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council. I served 5 years as Vice President or Acting President. For that period I was Chairman of the following committees: Executive, Public Safety & By-Laws. I was also a member of the Land Use Committee and the Outreach Committee.

I was re-elected to the Board in October, 2012. My focus for the next four years will be quality of life in our community. Specifically Public Safety, programs for both young people and for retirees, and the economic revitalization of the Soro Business Community.

Olga Lexell has lived in South Robertson since 2014 and worked here since 2012. She works in entertainment and media. Her priorities include increased affordable housing, homelessness outreach, tenants' rights, direct aid, improved bus service, minimizing reliance on cars, expansion of bicycle lanes, and green space preservation. She serves as Land Use Chair and Transportation Vice Chair.

David Notowitz operates NCAVF, the National Center for Audio and Video Forensics, a full-service audio and video forensics company based in Los Angeles and providing all levels of consulting and media preparation for evidence used in mediations, arbitration, hearings, and court — from 3D recreations of crime scenes to video production, and from forensic video enhancement to testifying in court as an expert witness.

Mrs. Notowitz has lived in Pico Robertson since 1997, the year he married. In 2001 his wife and he had their first child, and had our second in 2003. They are active in the community, enjoy the restaurants and markets, and patronize many businesses.
I am thankful for this wonderful neighborhood and would like to become more involved in the local community in order to improve connections between neighborhoods, contribute to safety, cleanliness of the streets, cooperation amongneighbors, partnerships with schools, and connect our local neighborhoods to elected officials and government representatives.

One of my hopes is to elevate the voice of small businesses who feel abandoned and students who feel ignored.

I see many, singles, couples, and families being forced to leave our neighborhoods due to the expense of rent and the cost of living, and this is troubling to me. I would like to help slow this exit through local solutions and partnerships.

There are a few committees for which I would like to assist:

1. Public Safety
2. Homelessness
3. Quality of Life
4. Community Awards

It is not my intention to be active in all these committees, but these are the groups I am considering since I have now been elected to the board.

Thank you,
David Notowitz

I was one of the original SoRo NC members, serving at the request of my late aunt Anne Gross, one of the driving forces of the original formation of SoRo (who recently deceased). Her vision was to have a neighborhood group to provide input to the city council as a constant source of direction to counter balance the political interests of the city. Her concerns at that time were the lack of parking, lack of play areas/ parking, and the need for more of a sense of community. All those areas still need attention.

I have lived in the community since 1997, with my wife and daughter. In fact, my daughter is married and we have a grandchild and her family also lives in our community.

I have lived in this neighborhood all of my 70 plus years and have been a community activist for most of my adult life. I attended Canfield Elementary school, Palms Junior High and Hamilton High School. I have an AA degree in photography from Santa Monica College. I have worked as a photographer here on the Westside for over thirty five years. By working in the community, I believe, we can make this a better neighborhood to live in for all of us.

Occupation: Photographer - events, architecture and portraits