The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) is chartered and funded by the City of Los Angeles to promote citizen participation in government at a grassroots level. SORO NC is here to give you a voice in the issues, decisions and programs that affect our lives; provide a direct line of communication to the City to help address our unique needs; and build a stronger community, one step at a time. Learn more about what we do »

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Metro Wants to Hear from You!

Metro wants to your thoughts about fareless transit!

Metro—the organization that runs the buses and trains you see throughout the city—created a task force to consider making public transit free for all!

Take the survey to make your voice heard.

Fill out the survey by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 12, and be automatically entered into a chance to win a $100 prepaid VISA card (not eligible to Metro employees).



This week, we marked the first day of fall –– and with the new season comes a new chapter in our fight against COVID-19.

Flu season threatens to increase the number of people in need of medical care. That can lead to what experts are calling a “twindemic” –– seeing our community and economy overtaken by both the flu and COVID-19, and placing a strain on our hospitals that they simply can’t handle.

We must do everything we can to avoid this worst case scenario, keep our health care system from getting overwhelmed, protect Angelenos’ health, and save lives.

Getting your flu shot should be part of everyone’s annual routine. But this year, it’s more important than ever. Anybody can –– and should –– call your doctor, visit a pharmacy, or use to track down resources and make an appointment to get vaccinated.

This year, though, the stakes for flu season are higher than before, and we are leaving no stone unturned. That’s why, this week, I launched a pilot program with the USC School of Pharmacy to bring flu shots directly to more Angelenos across the city in the weeks ahead. 

Residents will be able to get their shots free of charge, with no appointments necessary. We kicked off this program at the Weingart East L.A. YMCA, and will have more sites coming soon.

Anyone with a confirmed COVID-19 case should wait to get a flu shot and stay in isolation. Those with COVID-19 symptoms should consult a medical professional before getting a flu shot.

To learn more about the program or find a location, please visit

Please do your part to keep our city safe and get your flu shot as soon as possible.

There’s another critical way to support our city, our health and safety, our families and our neighborhoods: fill out the 2020 Census. 

The deadline is fast approaching to fill out the census. All Angelenos need to be counted and make our voices heard. 

The census count couldn’t be more important. The final tally shapes what L.A. will look like for the next decade. It determines how many representatives we send to Washington D.C. to fight for our interests –– and how much funding we bring home for our roads, schools, health care, unemployment benefits, and other essential programs. 

If we don’t respond, those resources go somewhere else. We can’t let that happen. And all it takes is ten minutes of your time. Ten minutes to secure L.A.’s future for the next ten years. The power is in our hands.

You can fill out the census online by going to, or you can complete it over the phone in a variety of languages. A list of phone numbers by language can be found here. As a reminder, you will never be asked about your immigration status.

If you’ve already filled it out, your job isn’t done. Check in with five friends to make sure they’ve done it, too.

There’s one more date coming up that everybody should circle on their calendars: Election Day –– November 3, 2020. 

This year’s election is more important than ever, and our job is simple: cast a ballot. The last day to register to vote and receive a Vote by Mail ballot is October 19th. If you miss that deadline, you can register and vote in-person at any Vote Center up until November 3.

And remember, there are three ways to cast your vote: you can mail in your ballot, place it in a drop box, or show up in-person from October 24th through on Election Day. Voting is our civic duty, and everyone should have their say.

Even if you think you’re registered to vote, double check your status and verify that your information is correct. To do that, and get more information on voting in Los Angeles, visit

Together, we can build a stronger, healthier, safer, more equitable Los Angeles.

Thanks for doing your part, Martin.

Eric Garcetti
Your Mayor

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Posted Sep 17, 2020


September 16, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA): The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council respects all stakeholders—both housed and unhoused. We exist to support all stakeholders and to make our community a better place. We do not support any effort to marginalize, endanger, or discriminate against any stakeholder. As a board, we do not and did not support the recent effort by some members of the community to install boulders* on the sidewalk on the Cattaraugus underpass beneath the 10 freeway.
Our Neighborhood Council was formed and exists today with a core value that all stakeholders—whether resident or nonresident, whether housed or unhoused—are free to enjoy the hospitality of our great community in safety and comfort. Any attempts to cause harm or disrupt the lives of our stakeholders runs counter to this core value.
To be clear, this project did not come before the general board of the Neighborhood Council, and the general board did not vote to provide any funding for this project. We condemn the actions of those involved.** We will pursue appropriate disciplinary action, including censure and/or removal, of any board or committee members who participated in this illegal project while claiming or giving the impression that they did so with authorization from the neighborhood council.
A critical aspect of the neighborhood council’s role is to connect stakeholders with appropriate City services.  As City officials, board members have an ethical and legal obligation to work within City guidelines.
* These boulders were an example of hostile architecture—the design of buildings or public spaces or placement of objects to discourage people from interacting or coming into contact with those spaces or objects.
** Recordings of two meetings—of the Public Safety Committee and an unsanctioned Public Safety subcommittee—during which the formation of the unsanctioned subcommittee and the boulder project were discussed -- can be found at:
Public Safety Committee meeting on August 3, 2020: (passcode: W!F60NH1)
Unsanctioned Public Safety subcommittee meeting on August 12, 2020: (passcode: 2$1w#g1j)
The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) is chartered and funded by the City of Los Angeles to promote citizen participation in government at a grassroots level. SORO NC is here to give you a voice in the issues, decisions and programs that affect our lives; provide a direct line of communication to the City to help address our unique needs; and build a stronger community, one step at a time.



For the past four months LA’s 99 Neighborhood Councils (NCs) have been holding virtual public meetings online and over the phone utilizing the meeting protocols established by the City of Los Angeles Department of Neighborhood Empowerment’s EmpowerLA Virtual Governance (EVG) system for Neighborhood Councils.

This new system ensures consistent, equitable guidelines for virtual public Neighborhood Council meetings which conform to all local, state, and federal laws applying to traditional public meetings. These protocols remain in place while the temporary modifications to California’s Brown Act, which guarantees the public’s right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies, are in effect. 

In the spirit of full transparency, we have posted our zoom meeting recordings at, and will continue to provide these zoom recordings moving forward.

(For more information:



Good afternoon community stakeholders:

Based on the response we've had from the public over the last several meetings, we were expecting at least 75-100 public comments for our Special Board meeting tonight.  Given that this would have taken us past sundown, along with several requests for postponement due to the 9/11 commemoration and scheduling conflicts, we've decided to delay approval of our statement.  We will therefore be moving tonight's special board meeting to MONDAY EVENING AT 7:00PM

We want you to know that we hear your concerns, and we are working dilligently to be as responsive as possible.

Shabbat Shalom and have a restful weekend
Posted Aug 21, 2020


Have you ever wanted to join the board of directors for the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council?  Now is the time to send in your application:



ZONE REPS come from each of our ten residential zones. You must live (i.e., a resident homeowner or tenant) within the corresponding zone of the council boundaries. You can see the SORO NC zones on our Boundaries page.
AT-LARGE REPS have a looser definition: you simply have to be a SORO NC stakeholder.  There are five At-Large Reps.

Applications for this seat must be submitted no less than 10 days before the September 17th General Board meeting.

From time to time, SORO NC Board seats become available between scheduled elections. According to our bylaws, open seats can be filled by majority vote of our Board (although with the exception of our Student seat, Board appointments are only in effect until the next scheduled election). Appointments also may not be made within 60 days of an election.
If you're interested in being considered for an open seat, please fill out the form below at least 10 days before our next General Board meeting. Applicants definitely should attend that meeting and be prepared to answer questions from the Board.

Bear in mind that others may apply for the same seat. Don’t get discouraged. Focus on making the best case you can for your candidacy. Think about the skills you might bring to the Board. Do a little research on community issues. Try to attend a committee meeting. Read through a few past agendas to get a sense of the things we tackle. And remember, our committees are open to everyone—and they're where the real action happens.

Have questions? Email us at




Following a motion passed by the Los Angeles City Council,LADOT Parking Enforcement will extend current relaxed parking enforcement categories set to expire on July 6 to support Los Angeles residents as they stay safer at home. Relaxed parking rules will be in place through July and are subject to further extension.

LADOT has also extended the deadline for payment on existing parking fines. While residents are encouraged to pay any existing fines if they are able, there will be no increase in fines for failure to pay.

While certain parking regulations are relaxed, others remain enforced to ensure that emergency services and other city functions continue operation. See the list below for full details regarding enforcement.

LADOT has RELAXED enforcement for the following categories:
  • Residential street sweeping
  • Expired registration on a vehicle
  • Overnight/Oversize parking districts
  • Peak/rush hour and gridlock zone parking restrictions
  • No ticket/tow for abandoned vehicles and oversized/overnight parking
  • Vehicles displaying recently expired permits within preferential parking districts will have a two-week grace period following the expiration to renew

In addition:
  • No parking fine increases for failure to pay
  • Extended grace period for people dropping off or picking up
  • Immediate extensions on all deadlines for payments.
  • LADOT will supply a temporary, print-at-home permit to residents within a preferential parking district who have renewed their permit but will not receive the new hangtag before their current permit expires

Enforcement CONTINUES for:
  • Metered parking
  • Time limits within preferential parking districts for vehicles without a valid or recently-expired permit
  • Posted time limit zones in residential and commercial areas
  • All posted Temporary No-Parking signs
  • No blocking emergency access (alleyways, fire hydrants, etc.)
  • Colored curb zones + Parking restrictions for City-owned lots



The citywide Emergency Rental Assistance Subsidy Program was created by LA City Council President Nury Martinez, the City Council and HCIDLA, with the support of Mayor Eric Garcetti. The program will provide a temporary rent subsidy for tenants in the City of Los Angeles who are unable to pay rent due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For questions about the program, visit:

Qualifying tenants live in multifamily units in the City of LA. To verify whether you live in the City, go to:
Selected applicants will be required to provide proof of tenancy

Households with total annual incomes at or below 80% of Area Median Income (AMI) level prior to March 13, 2020
2019 Income Limits: Household Size
1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person 5 Person 6 Person 7 Person 8 Person
Income Limit $58,450 $66,800 $75,150 $83,500 $90,200 $96,900 $103,550 $110,250


Good Morning!

The Pico Robertson Senior Community (8866 W Pico Blvd, LA, CA. 90035) is currently under construction with completion anticipated in July, 2020.  The community is for seniors, with 12 units set aside for homeless senior veterans.

·      Low-Income Seniors:  Applications for entry into the lottery will be accepted from June 12th- June 26th, 2020 and the lottery will be held virtually on July 6th, 2020.  
·      Homeless Senior Veterans:  We’ll be using the Coordinated Entry System.  If folks have questions about eligibility, they can contact New Directions for Veterans, our service provider for these 12 units.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions the lottery will not be open to the public.  
FORMS:  Interested applicants may submit an application for the lottery on  Applications will also be available for download here on the website.   To have an application emailed, please send your request to  Applications may be submitted at, via email to, or mailed to 8906 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035.
All applications must be received no later than June 26th, 2020.
Accessible Units are available and individuals with a disability may also make a request for reasonable accommodation.
Click here to see a copy of the flyer for more information.
Click here to download a copy of the application.

Amenities and Services
·       Laundry Rooms on Each Floor
·       Community Room
·       Recreational Room
·       Two Courtyards with Views of the Hollywood Hills
·       On-Site Service Partner New Directions for Veterans


Have you been tested for COVID-19?

From the start of this crisis, experts and public health leaders have made one thing crystal clear: COVID-19 testing saves lives. Testing is how we can track the virus, get ahead of outbreaks, identify who needs to be isolated. Testing is the first step in determining how, when, and whether we can safely reopen more businesses and public spaces.

Los Angeles was the first big city to scale up access to free testing for anyone, and we will keep leading the charge this coming week: we are opening a new testing site at Dodger Stadium, where we’ll be able to test up to 6,000 people each day — three times greater than any other testing site in the County. 

I know that we all have fond memories of summer nights at Chavez Ravine, taking in a game and cheering on our boys in blue. Now, even with baseball season on hold, we can still go to the stadium to find help and hope. And we have specifically designed this site to move people through the process quickly, alleviating long lines and wait times.

You can sign up for a free COVID-19 test today, with or without symptoms. Spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues.

Don’t wait and don’t wonder. Make an appointment and get tested today.

Our first responsibility is to protect the health and economic wellbeing of our most vulnerable neighbors — seniors, Angelenos experiencing homelessness, health care workers on the front lines, women and men at the highest risk of contracting this virus.

From day one, we acted to meet this charge — and those steps saved lives.

Protecting our seniors
Early on, we deployed LAFD rapid response teams to deliver testing to our skilled nursing facilities, and we’ve already tested more than 25,000 residents and workers at nearly every skilled nursing facility in the City.

All skilled nursing facilities in the city are now required to test all residents and workers at least once a month. If they cannot provide testing on their own, our mobile team has set them up with a regular supply of test kits, free of charge.

Housing our homeless neighbors
This week, I announced that we’ve secured two new hotels — one downtown, another in Mid-City — for Project Roomkey, our program to rent rooms for unhoused Angelenos.

Together, these additions increased our total available rooms to more than 3,500 countywide in the last six weeks. And our partners at the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority have filled most of them within two to three days, providing a critical lifeline to those who need help.

My office will continue to work with more hotels and motels to bring people indoors.

Supporting our small businesses
L.A.’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they’re hurting. So we're helping them reopen safely for delivery and curbside/doorside pickup, and keep workers on the job.

We’re making it easier for businesses to receive microloans to navigate this crisis by changing eligibility criteria and prioritizing loans that had been previously denied.

Finally, our city’s Department of Transportation has expanded its pickup zone program so that any retail shop in the city can reserve a parking spot right out front for customers to pick up their orders.

Keeping our public spaces safe
This weekend, we have reopened the beach bike paths, as well as city parking lots at Cabrillo and Venice Beach, while the County has opened paths and lots at partial capacity at Dockweiler State Beach, Will Rogers State Beach, Zuma Beach, and Surfrider Beach.

Remember: Beaches are still only open for active recreation, like swimming, surfing, running, walking, and now biking along the beach. Sunbathing, group sports, and gathering of any kind remain prohibited. Do not meet up with anyone who lives outside your household.

We are not moving beyond COVID-19 — we are simply learning to live with it. And we know what we have to do to keep moving, slowly but surely, in our new, safer reality: Stay safer at home. Keep practicing physical distancing — stay six feet away from others. Wash your hands every time you return home and frequently throughout the day, and sanitize surfaces regularly. And wear a face covering when you leave your home and will be near other people.

If we use these tools, and protect our neighbors, we can make it through this chapter together. I know we will, with strength and love.

Thank you for all that you do.

Eric Garcetti
Your Mayor

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