2012 Community Town Hall Meeting: Organizing Your Community

SORO may be a collection of neighborhoods, but unfortunately not all of our areas have active neighborhood associations.

Having an active neighborhood association helps develop a sense of community, a strong voice when community concerns arise, and an organized response to local emergencies. With the recent spate of break-ins, it couldn’t be more timely.

Town Hall: Organizing Your Community

Thursday, December 6 • 7:00pm
Free • Open to all
Hamilton High School Cafeteria (map)
Free parking at Kincardine & Durango

Join us for a workshop-style evening where we will help you ignite the sparks of your own local group. Get to know representatives from the City Council and LAPD, hear from other homeowner associations in the area, learn about setting up email chat, neighborhood watch, block captains and more. Whether you rent or own your home, being connected is a good idea.

Visit the Town Hall page for more information. If you can’t make the meeting but are interested in this project, email us at connect@soronc.org. You can also download a meeting flyer here.

Students and families welcome. Bring your neighbors too!