COVID-19 Resources

This blog entry provides links to helpful resources assembled by various City of LA staff and entities. This list is by no means comprehensive, however, it should provide you with guidance about where to go for information about everything from legal resources to job opportunities to food resources to volunteer opportunities.

  • Official City of LA COVID-19 page: Check out the latest updates about COVID-19 orders from the Mayor's Office, read an FAQ about COVID-19, register for COVID-19 testing, and more.

  • LA Community Resources Guide—COVID-19: Living document with tons of information abou financial, health, food, educational, housing, and otehr resources provided by various LA organizations. Compiled by Jessica Caloza and Shekinah Deocares of the LA City Board of Public Works with support from the Scott Chan of the LA County Department of Public Health and Sarah Lee of Pepperdine University.

  • Resources for Families During School Closure: Run by LAUSD. Find information about student health and human services, where to get free meals for families, free education resources, and more. Note that the closest Grab & Go Food Centers to SORO are located at Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High School (3537 Farmdale Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90016) and Daniel Webster Middle School (11330 Graham Place, Los Angeles, CA 90064). Both centers are open Mondays–Fridays, 8:00–11:00 a.m.

  • COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network is made up of different grassroots organizations, movements, and organizers committed to organizing mutual material support in the community. They provide grocery and supply deliveries and are preparing to expand this to other community support services.

  • Shoppers Helping Shoppers: Vulnerable populations who are unable to do their grocery shopping safely can request assistance from this organization.

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Note that SORO NC is sharing these resources for informational purposes only; SORO NC does not promote or endorse any specific organization or service.