September 16, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA): The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council respects all stakeholders—both housed and unhoused. We exist to support all stakeholders and to make our community a better place. We do not support any effort to marginalize, endanger, or discriminate against any stakeholder. As a board, we do not and did not support the recent effort by some members of the community to install boulders* on the sidewalk on the Cattaraugus underpass beneath the 10 freeway.
Our Neighborhood Council was formed and exists today with a core value that all stakeholders—whether resident or nonresident, whether housed or unhoused—are free to enjoy the hospitality of our great community in safety and comfort. Any attempts to cause harm or disrupt the lives of our stakeholders runs counter to this core value.
To be clear, this project did not come before the general board of the Neighborhood Council, and the general board did not vote to provide any funding for this project. We condemn the actions of those involved.** We will pursue appropriate disciplinary action, including censure and/or removal, of any board or committee members who participated in this illegal project while claiming or giving the impression that they did so with authorization from the neighborhood council.
A critical aspect of the neighborhood council’s role is to connect stakeholders with appropriate City services.  As City officials, board members have an ethical and legal obligation to work within City guidelines.
* These boulders were an example of hostile architecture—the design of buildings or public spaces or placement of objects to discourage people from interacting or coming into contact with those spaces or objects.
** Recordings of two meetings—of the Public Safety Committee and an unsanctioned Public Safety subcommittee—during which the formation of the unsanctioned subcommittee and the boulder project were discussed -- can be found at:
Public Safety Committee meeting on August 3, 2020: (passcode: W!F60NH1)
Unsanctioned Public Safety subcommittee meeting on August 12, 2020: (passcode: 2$1w#g1j)
The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) is chartered and funded by the City of Los Angeles to promote citizen participation in government at a grassroots level. SORO NC is here to give you a voice in the issues, decisions and programs that affect our lives; provide a direct line of communication to the City to help address our unique needs; and build a stronger community, one step at a time.