2008 Community Town Hall Meeting

  Living Green

On Monday November 10th at 7pm, SORO NC invites you to join us for our 2008 Community Town Hall Event: LIVING GREEN. This event is free and open to all. We especially welcome students.

As many of us are aware, we're depleting natural resources faster than we can handle, and we need to start thinking differently for the long-term. Part of that solution is for each individual to learn about simple changes they can make in their lives to become more green, reduce energy dependence and become part of the solution.

Many of you may be curious about how you can change your energy or water usage at home, use drought-resistant landscaping, run your car more efficiently, compost food scraps, recycle more and reduce your toll on the planet. You may not know that there are a host of services and incentives to encourage you to do just that.

And with the economy in crisis too, we're adding a special focus on how living green can also save you money, particularly with the winter months ahead.

The panel will include dynamic speakers from LA DWP, the Gas Company, BP and Zero Waste to answer your questions, offer you practical tools and free giveaways for reducing your own carbon footprint, inform you about City incentives for going green and provide you with resources for learning more.

Let's start talking about this issue, and set an example for the rest of the city. We hope you will come and join us for a lively and informative Town Hall that can serve as a blueprint for Neighborhood Councils across Los Angeles. Together, our communities can build the greener future. We hope to see you there.

Want to learn more? Visit our Energy Saving Tips & Tools page with suggestions for home and business courtesy of Flex Your Power.

Scheduled Speakers

LA DWP: David Nahai, General Manager

As the largest municipal utility in the United States, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has an obligation to take a leading role in the fight against global warming including steps to reduce their carbon footprint, protect our water supply, and make Los Angeles a greener, cleaner place.

BP, HELIOS HOUSE: Nicole Dotts, Gabrey Milner, Peg Patrick, Heather Heintz

BP has set out to make the customer experience at BP stations a little better, and engage the public in a conversation about the environment. Built on the two principles of sustainability and education, Helios House is the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified gas station in the United States and an eco-friendly laboratory designed to demonstrate innovative green technologies and offer simple tips to consumers on how to reduce their impact on the environment. Learn more at The Green Curve.

Zero Waste: Jorge Santiesteban, Division Manager SSRSD

Zero Waste recognizes that "waste" is not inevitable where the discarded materials are potentially valuable resources that maximize recycling, composting, and reduce consumption.

Southern California Gas Company: Sharon O'Rourke, Public Affairs Manager, West LA

The Gas Company's commitment to the environment includes incorporating environmentally-friendly practices in their facilities and daily operations. They help people save energy at their homes and businesses, invest in new technologies, and support organizations dedicated to the environment.