Public Safety

Coffee and conversation with our new Senior Lead Officer

Enjoy a free cup of coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with SORO NC's newest Senior Lead Officer, Matt Kirk.

Come join us on Wednesday, Dec. 21st from 9-11am, as SLO Matt Kirk talks with local neighbors and business owners. The coffee is free, courtesy of our hosts at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, 1845 S. La Cienega Blvd.

Download a flyer here.

Good Neighbor Laws

Motor Vehicles

Home Auto Repair

Other than for minor emergencies, which must be completed within 24 hours, all auto repairs should be done within a building or in an area which is entirely enclosed from view by a wall or a fence.
(LAMC 12.21A1(a), 12.21A8(a))
Toll free .......................................... (888) 524-2845

Inoperative Vehicles

Non-functioning vehicles must be stored in a garage or in an area not viewable from the public street, not in a driveway or on the street. (LAMC 12.21A8(b))
Toll free ..........................................(800) 222-6366

Parking in the Front Yard

Vehicles should not be parked in the front yard area except in a designated driveway. (LAMC 80.71.3) DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION, Parking Enforcement
Valley Area ..................................... (818) 752-5100

Parking in Alleys

Except for emergency vehicles, parking is never allowed in alleys. (Vehicle Code 22951)
DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION, Parking Enforcement
Valley Area ..................................... (818) 752-5100

City Property

Garage Sale and other Signs

Posting of signs is not permitted on public property, such as light or utility poles or trees. (LAMC 28.04(a))
Toll free ..........................................(800) 996-2489


Property owners or other occupants are responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of their house, place of business or premises, free of trash, overgrown vegetation and debris. (LAMC 41.46)
Toll free ..........................................(800) 996-2489

Refuse Collection
Trash containers can be set out on the curbside no earlier than 6 PM the evening before collection and are to be removed no later than 8 PM following collection. (LAMC 66.27)
Toll free ................................. (800) 996-2489
Sandwich Board Signs
A-Frame signs are not permitted on public sidewalks or on parkways. (LAMC 67.02(a)) BUREAU OF STREET SERVICES, Street-Use Toll free ................................. (800) 996-2489
It is illegal to deposit rubbish or refuse of any kind on any street or upon any private premises in the City. (LAMC 66.27)
Toll free ................................. (800) 996-2489
Sanitation laws require all dog owners to pick up after their dogs immediately.
(LAMC 53.49)
Toll free ................................. (888) 452-7381
Yard Sales
A maximum of five 2-day sales are allowed per year. Sale items must be used only, no new merchandise. Sales are not allowed on the sidewalks or streets. Hours are limited to 9 AM – 5 PM. (LAMC 12.03)
CITY CLERK, OFFICE OF FINANCE VALLEY AREA ...................... (818) 374-6850 L.A. AREA ............................. (213) 626-9271
Outside Storage
Items, such as indoor furniture, plumbing fixtures, construction or automotive parts, are not to be stored in the yard. (LAMC 12.21A(a), 12.08A, 12.21C1(g)
DEPT. OF STREET SERVICES, Lot Cleaning Toll free ................................. (800) 996-2489
Basic Maintenance/Repair of Buildings or Fences – For the safety of residents and visitors, houses must be painted, maintained and in good repair. This includes wood siding, porch flooring, steps and railings, windows, screens, roofs and exteriors. (LAMC 91.8104.1 - 91.8104.13) Trash/Debris or Excessive Vegetation Properties must be free of trash, debris and overgrown vegetation. (LAMC 91.8104)
DEPT. OF BUILDING & SAFETY (single-family residential, commercial, industrial and vacant bldgs.) Toll free .............................. (888) 524-2845 HOUSING COMMUNITY INVESTMENT DEPT. (multi-family dwellings)
Toll free........................................... (866) 557-7368
Vacant Buildings
Toll free...........................................(888) 524-2845
Construction in residential areas is limited to the hours of 7 AM to 9 PM during the week and 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays. It is banned on Sundays. (LAMC 41.40)
Loud Noises from any musical instrument, stereo or other amplified device is prohibited if it interferes with the peace and quiet of another. No instrument or sound-producing device should be audible more than 150 feet away from the boundary where it is being played. (LAMC 112.01(a)(b))
Car Alarms must become automatically silenced within five minutes. (LAMC 114.06)
Leaf Blowers may not be used before 7 AM. (LAMC 114.04a)

Free CPR/First Aid/AED classes

The South Robertson Neighborhoods Council will again be sponsoring two FREE CPR/First Aid/AED classes. 

Saturday September 17 | Robertson Rec Center | 11:30am–3:30pm or
Sunday September 18 | New location: 1711 S. La Cienega | 12:30pm–4:30pm

This 4-hour course will train you how to provide immediate care in cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies until advanced medical personnel arrive. Instruction will be provided by Vital Training & Response. 

First Aid: Learn how to respond to common first aid emergencies, including burns; cuts; head, neck and back injuries; and more.
CPR/AED: Learn how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies in adults, infant/child including the use of automated external defibrillators (AED).

Upon completion, participants will receive First Aid, CPR and AED 2-year certification by the American Heart Association.  

SORO NC is covering the cost of instruction (participant will have option to purchase course workbook for $25). A great value, since these classes normally run $75 and up!

If you wish to participate, you must reserve your space in advance by emailing as early as possible (classes are limited in size and expected to fill up quickly.)

Please provide full name of each participant, address, phone number and which day you wish to attend.

2015 SoRo Community Festival

SoRo Community Festival

Latest Twitter Updates

The 18th Annual SoRo Community Festival will take place on Sunday, June 7, 2014 from 11 am to 4 pm. The Festival is located on South Robertson Boulevard, between Cattaraugus and Beverlywood St. (just north of Hamilton High School and the 10 Freeway). Free street parking is also available.

Free and open to the public, the SoRo Festival features a live music stage, tree adoption, and over 60 vendor booths highlighting neighborhood businesses, community information and a variety of merchandise. It also offers “Camp SoRo” Kids Zone with attractions, a rock-climbing wall and free arts and crafts for children. This year’s theme is “Many Neighborhoods Create One Great Community!”

In addition there will be a separate Public Safety Pavilion hosted by the SORO Neighborhoods Council with many exhibits and demonstrations by “First Responders” such as LAPD and LAFD.


The SoRo Festival will also serve up a variety of culinary delights from some of Los Angeles’ hottest gourmet food trucks.

Main Stage

The SoRo Festival stage will spotlight live musical and dance performances from some of SoCal’s talented young performers.

Safety Stage

The Public Safety Pavilion will hold demonstrations and presentations throughout the day.

About the Festival

A non-profit undertaking, staffed entirely by volunteers, the SoRo Festival celebrates the broad diversity and sense of unity that exists among the some 45,000 people who live or work in the seven neighborhoods encompassed in the South Robertson community. It encourages beautification and revitalization of the SoRo corridor, where people can shop, dine, and enjoy a good quality of life, and it is committed to strengthening local educational institutions.

Boasting an attendance of between 8,000–12,000 people each year, the SoRo Festival’s proceeds support local schools and community improvement projects. The SoRo Community Festival is coordinated by the SoRo Community Foundation, Inc., with support from the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council. We would like to invite the entire Southern California community to join our event.

2015 Festival Committee

Chaired by: Jon Liberman & Terrence Gomes

2014 SoRo Community Festival: June 1

SoRo Community Festival

Sunday, June 1 • 11am-4pm
South Robertson Boulevard between Beverlywood St. and Cattaraugus St. (just North of 10 Freeway at the Robertson Boulevard exit)

This year’s theme is “Many Neighborhoods Create One Great Community!”

Free and open to the public, the SoRo Festival features food trucks, a live music stage, tree adoption, and over 60 vendor booths highlighting neighborhood businesses, community information and a variety of merchandise. It also offers “Camp SoRo” Kids Zone with attractions, a rock-climbing wall and free arts and crafts for children.

In addition there will be a separate Public Safety Pavilion hosted by the SORO Neighborhoods Council with many exhibits and demonstrations by “First Responders” such as LAPD and LAFD.

For more information, visit our full Festival page.

Staying Safe

These tips were developed by West LAPD, Council District 5 and neighborhood leaders to help you keep your home and neighborhood safe. Share them with your family members, visitors, household help, gardeners and any trusted visitor to your home.

  • Never, ever open the door to strangers.

    If someone knocks at the door, grab a telephone, approach the door, let the person know you are home by asking, through the door any of the following option examples:
    “Who is it?”   
    “Thank you but I’m not interested”
    “Please leave the information in my mailbox.”
    If you are concerned, please use the following telephone numbers:
    310-622-3989          Senior Lead Officer Mario Gonzalez  
    310-444-0703          West L.A.P.D. Front desk for non-emergency information and for logging in a report
    1-877-ASK-LAPD     L.A.P.D. (for non-emergency but worrisome situations at
    (1-877-275-5273)    night – after hours for example - a suspicious car outside)
    911                             Only use 911 if it is an emergency or a crime is in progress.  Please note, if you are calling from a cell phone 911 goes to the Highway Patrol so if you want to call the LAPD from your cell phone, please dial 213-928-8206.
    311                             For general information City services of any kind, please call
    311 and the operator will get you to the right number.
  • Always lock doors when working in another part of the house, such as a back yard.

    Remember to take your keys with you!
  • If you see anything suspicious or any activity that may fit the recent break-in patterns, please call the local police.

    Try to get details such as the license plate and/or take pictures if possible.
  • Lock all doors and windows upon leaving your home.

    Keep garage closed/locked, too. 
  • Leave a light and radio or TV on to appear that someone is home when you leave.

  • Install and use locks on driveway gates, side gates, and back gates to   your property. 

    Opportunistic burglars are discouraged by "harder" targets.
  • Make sure your home alarm is set before leaving your home. 

  • If you don't have an alarm system, you may want to consider getting one as audible alarms are a deterrent. 

  • If you have a security service, be sure to report suspicious behavior promptly to the company.

  • Your dog is better protection, and safer, inside your home than in your yard.

  • If you go away on vacation alert trusted neighbors to keep an eye out and make a visible presence by taking in mail, newspapers, and garbage cans.

  • If you have security cameras on your property please let the WLA police department know if you are willing to share the video in the event if a crime occurs in your area.  

  • Have motion detector lights installed around your property.

  • Be sure to know your neighbors and get their phone numbers so you can contact them when you observe suspicious behavior on their property.

  • Purchase a heavy safe and bolt it to the floor and use it to store small valuables such as jewelry. 

    Otherwise keep jewelry and other small valuables in a bank safe deposit box.
  • Engrave an identification number on TVs and other large electronics. 

    A good ID number is your driver’s license number because the police can use the number to track you down and restore your stolen merchandise. 
  • Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen through house or car windows. 

  • Keep car and house windows and doors locked – ALWAYS!!

  • Keep valuables out of sight when workers are in your home.

  • Install outdoor lighting around your house since it deters nighttime home and car invasions.

2007 Community Town Hall Meeting: Pico/Olympic Traffic Plan

A public panel discussion on the feasibility of converting Olympic and Pico Boulevards into a one-way pair between the City of Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles Central Business District.

6th Annual SORO Peace Picnic

2011 Peace Picnic

Celebrate the United Nations "International Day of Peace"

A FREE neighborhood celebration for the whole family at the Robertson Rec Center, 1641 Preuss (Robertson at Airdrome), co-sponsored by South Robertson Neighborhoods Council.

Sunday, September 18th
1:00pm - 4:00pm

  • Gourmet lunch donated by local restaurants
  • Live music by neighborhood musicians
  • Make-and-take crafts for kids
  • Fun activities and snacks

Bring a blanket to sit on. For more information, go to, or call 310-431-7152.

Fire Station 58 Update

SORO NC and LAFD Community Meeting
Community meeting:

SORO NC General Board Meeting with LAFD Leadership
to discuss their new deployment plan

Thursday, May 19th
7:00pm / Hamilton High School Cafeteria
LA has one of the best Fire Departments in the country and the community is justly concerned about LAFD's proposed changes to Station 58 equipment and staffing. After talking with the LAFD leadership, this is what we know:

Current situation

Station 58 is the 14th busiest in Los Angeles. Right now, Station 58 has four pieces of equipment, organized into three teams:
  • Light Force 58, which has six staff, a hook and ladder truck, and a water pumper,
  • Engine 58, which has four staff and a second pump,
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) 58, which has two paramedics and an ambulance.

In response to budget cuts in 2009, the LAFD instituted a Modified Coverage Plan (MCP) that shuts down different parts of the station each month. The MCP is still in place.

So right now, during each 27 day period we only have a full complement of twelve staff on duty for twelve days; it goes down to eight staff for six days (when they shut down the Engine); and finally down to six staff for nine days (when they shut down the Light Force). Not ideal.

The new plan

The proposal for Station 58 keeps it open every day. The Station is not closing. They will move the hook-and-ladder to another station, upgrade the Engine team by swapping in a paramedic/firefighter, and put the remaining pump and an additional ambulance in "ready reserve" at the Station. That means we'll have a permanent staff of six (with one more paramedic), instead of the six to twelve rotating Firefighters we have now.

The LAFD leadership feels this is a better plan than the MCP they're under now. Among the benefits are that city-wide, Firefighters will no longer be continually moved from station to station and locally, we'll have a stable team again. LAFD does not plan any furloughs or lay-offs.

Additionally, the Battalion Command Team will move closer to us (to Fire Station 68 on Washington Blvd., 2.5 miles away).

The next closest Fire Station that serves the SORO area is Station 92 on Pico. They were similarly staffed. The plan calls for eliminating their Engine company and placing it in ready reserve (taking their staffing down to eight).

If the two Stations were fully staffed (as it would have been pre-2009), we would have two Light Forces, two Engines, and two ALS ambulances. With the new plan, we'll have one Light Force, one Engine, and two ALS ambulances between them.

Projected impact

Station 58 fields 15.8 calls a day. 13 of those are medical-related; the rest are a mix of gas leaks, people stuck in elevators, actual fires, etc. The new plan for Station 58 places more emphasis on medical response and less on fire fighting, and the extra paramedic should help in that regard. The Engine company is still very able to fight fires, of course.

The extra ready reserve pump and ambulance can be activated in emergency situations, although with some delay.

One of the biggest concerns is that a ladder truck does have specialty equipment, including am extending aerial ladder, chain saws for ventilating smoke from roofs, and the jaws of life. Calls that require a ladder truck would be dispatched from one of the nearby stations:
  • Station 92 on Pico (Century City) - 2.6 miles
  • Station 61 on 3rd St (Fairfax) - 3.6 miles
  • Station 94 on Coliseum (Baldwin Hills) - 4.1 miles
  • Station 29  on Wilshire (Hancock Park) - 4.6 miles
  • Station 26 on S. Western (West Adams) - 4.7 miles

However, LAFD projects that even though we are losing the ladder truck and one pump, response times should be better for us across the board than under the current brown-out plan. They point out that its common now for them to dispatch units from other stations when our team is out on calls or when there is a larger fire.

LAFD Projected response times for SORO area (in minutes)

Response Medical: Basic Medical: Paramedic Medical: Ambulance Fire: Engine Fire: Light Force
Full Staffing 4:55 / 78% 5:26 / 91% 5:42 / 95% 4:08 / 91% 5:20 / 96%
MCP (current) 4:57 / 76% 5:30 / 90% 5:47 / 94% 4:13 / 89% 5:40 / 94%
New Plan (projected) 4:57 / 77% 5:18 / 93% 5:46 / 94% 4:11 / 90% 5:31 / 96%

The chart shows average response times and how often they hit or beat that time. Of course, the times shown in the bottom row are only projections.

With the pending high-rise developments in Century City, the need for ladder trucks in our area will certainly increase.

Decision process

The proposed plan comes from Chief Peaks and his team, not the City Council. It's based on their analysis of a million calls over the last three years (download an informational brochure from LAFD). They used a computerized system called ADAM to determine which areas of the City needed which resources. You can see some of that analysis at the LAFD website

They estimate that the plan would save $55 million a year, mainly through staff attrition. The City Council, of course, sets the LAFD's budget. The Council LAFD budget discussion will happen on Wednesday, May 18.

When we asked the LAFD leadership if—regardless of budget—they preferred the new plan to the current MCP with its station brown-outs, they said yes. Individual Firefighters and their Union may disagree.

What you can do

It's important that our Council Members and the Mayor know how we feel before they discuss cuts to the LAFD budget on the 18th.

Similarly, the LAFD needs to understand how we feel about their deployment plan. As noted above, at the request of Council Member Koretz, SORO NC will host the LAFD leadership on Thursday, May 19th at its General Board meeting. We encourage you to attend and ask questions. You can also contact their Public Information Officer, Captain Jaime Moore, at (213) 978-3824 or via email at

The Station itself will hold an open house on Sunday, May 15 from 9am to 1pm.

2010 Community Town Hall Meeting: Are You Ready?

Monday, November 8 at 7pm
Free and open to all
Shenandoah Elementary School
2450 Shenandoah Street, Los Angeles 90034 (map)

Learn what you can do in the event of a major emergency.

For all of its beauty and opportunity, Los Angeles is prone to many potentially devastating natural and man-made disasters. Are you prepared to survive "The Big One" or a bio-terrorist attack? How can you help protect your family before disaster strikes? What resources are available in our neighborhood and the city at large to help you recover? During our 2010 Town Hall: ARE YOU READY, SORO NC will help our neighbors to both prepare and recover from the unthinkable.

The program will include representatives and speakers from the City's Emergency Management team, Hatzolah, LAPD, LAFD, CalTech's Seismological Lab and Cedars Sinai, as well as free giveaways and affordable emergency kits and supplies. The evening will include mock drills, response vehicles for the kids to explore and plenty of stimulating information that will make us all safer in the event of an emergency.

Spanish translators will be available.

Click here to learn more.

Emergency Community Meeting with the LAPD

Thursday, May 13

7pm – 9pm
Shenandoah Elementary School
2450 Shenandoah Street, Los Angeles 90034


Following the double homicide in the 1900 block of Corning Street on 5/5/10, SORO NC is organizing an emergency community meeting with West Los Angeles Police Department and Councilmember Herb Wesson from Los Angeles City Council District 10 to allow you, the immediately affected community, an opportunity to speak with Captain Evangelyn Nathan, LAPD and Councilmember Wesson about the incident and your concerns for public safety in the area.

Please attend this important community event so that you can hear directly from LAPD and we can hear directly from you.

There will be a Spanish language translator and help with childcare available at the meeting. Please join us so we can hear your voice.

Download the informational flyer in English and Spanish.

Update on the May 5 homicide

Following the homicide in South Robertson on May 5, SORO NC is working closely with West LA Police Department and CD 10 to keep the community informed. Click to download an update from Captain Evangelyn Nathan of West LAPD from Friday, May 7 in both English and Spanish. The flyer is also being distributed throughout the immediate neighborhood.

SORO NC is currently organizing a community meeting for residents to speak directly with the LAPD. Further information will be posted here.

CERT: Emergency Response Team Training

Monday Evenings from 6:30-9:00 pm
May 3, 2010 through June 14, 2010

Simon Wiesenthal Center
Third Floor
1399 S. Roxbury Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Once again, SORO NC's Emergency Preparedness sub-committee and C-PAB Neighborhood Watch are sponsoring a FREE emergency preparedness training course from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

CERT Training is vital for a large city like Los Angeles. Learn how to be prepared for earthquakes, acts of terror, civil unrest, fire and any natural disaster. In the event of a disaster you need to be prepared to be on your own for 72 hours or more. Los Angeles City First Responders (911) will be overburdened and may not be able to help.

You need to be prepared to help yourself, your family and your neighbors. This course will teach you how.


For more information, go to

2nd Annual CommUnity Walk

Sunday, June 14th, 3 to 5pm

Meet at Warehouse Shoe Store parking lot 2045 S. La Cienega Blvd. LA 90034 (Corner of Cadillac and S. La Cienega Blvd.)

SORO NC is proud to co-sponsor this year's CommUnity Walk with the Community Police Advisory Board, the West Los Angeles Community Police Station, and the Westside Neighborhood Council.

Come join us as we walk together through our neighborhood and discuss ways to make it safer for all of us. Other participants include the Office of the LA City Attorney, LA Fire Department Station 58, the Community Emergency Response Team, Hatzolah Emergency Rescue Team, the Crestview Neighborhood Association, and Councilmembers Herb Wesson and Jack Weiss.

Download the flyer with more information in either English or Spanish versions.