Ken Blaker

I have lived in the Pico Robertson part of SORO since 2007. I met my wife here, and we now have 2 children in SORO. We work here, learn here, attend synagogue here, socialize here and shop here. We have an inherent interest in keeping our neighborhood a good place to live. And in many ways that makes me a typicalmember of the SORO community.

In SORO we don't have big-box stores, or a big mall, or a dominant employer. We are a community of smaller communities, local services, small businesses, arts and culture. I joined the SORO Board with a focus on maintaining the diverse and charming aspects of our neighborhood, while building on our strengths.

I am a religious person, and proud of my religion. I think that the strength of my own identity and beliefs gives me respect for the beliefs of others - and I like the diversity of SORO and the general sense of mutual respect that I feel here.

Long before coming to SORO I was born in Phildelphia, educated in New England, I have lived in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois and finally in California. I am glad to be living in Los Angeles, where pockets of wilderness coexist with urban density and modernity.

If you're reading this then i have a challenge for you. Take a minute and drop me a note at, and let me know 2 (or more) things that you'd like to see your neighborhood council and your city do in the next year.