Roxbury/Beverwil Corridor orphan area outreach meeting

SORO NC is hosting a community information meeting for residents and business owners within the un-served area to the west of Roxbury, Beverwil and Shelby Avenues. You'll be able to meet our board members and your local SORO NC representative, ask questions about the neighborhood council system and learn about what we do and how we can serve you.

We already represent many of your neighbors, and SORO NC would also love to represent you within this system.

SORO NC (South Robertson Neighborhoods Council) is commonly regarded as one of the most efficient and productive neighborhood councils within the system—93 neighborhood councils in all.

Each of the 93 Neighborhood Councils are chartered and annually funded by the City of Los Angeles to promote citizen participation in government at a grassroots level. They are designed to give you a voice in the issues, decisions and programs that affect your lives, provide a direct line of communication to the City to help address your unique needs, and to build a stronger local community.