Become a Boardmember

2012 Neighborhood Council Elections

On Sunday, October 28, 2012, SORO NC will hold a general election for open Board seats. The SORO NC board has four-year staggered terms, so approximately half of the seats are open this election. Find out more about voting in the election.

Why you should get involved

Simply put, serving on the SORO NC Board is a chance to give back and help shape our community.

What does the NC do?

Advocate and represent our community’s wants and/or needs to local government officials and entities; build partnerships with government so that government is more responsive to local needs; foster a sense of community; and decide how to spend the City’s annual financial allocation ($37,000 this year) for priority community activities and projects.

What are the Board’s responsibilities?

Help in outreach to community members; represent our community to government officials; make decisions that will affect our community; and participate in at least two meetings each month (the General Board meeting and a committee meeting of your choice). The more active you are, the more rewarding you'll find the experience.

2012 open Board seats

Fourteen seats will be open and all are four year terms, except for the two noted below. All candidates must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the election. You can see the SORO NC zones on our Boundaries page, or read a full description of the seat requirements at

Zone Resident representatives

Stakeholder who lives (i.e., is a resident homeowner or tenant) within the corresponding zone of the council boundaries.
Open seats:
  • Zone 1 Resident Representative
  • Zone 3 Resident Representative
  • Zone 5 Resident Representative
  • Zone 7 Resident Representative
  • Zone 8 Resident Representative (to fill the remainder of a term expiring in 2014)
  • Zone 9 Resident Representative
  • Zone 10 Resident Representative (to fill the remainder of a term expiring in 2014)

At Large representatives

Any SORO NC stakeholder.
  • Two seats open

Business representatives

Stakeholder who owns, operates, or works in a business or owns business property or residential income property within the Council boundaries.
  • Two seats open

Organization representatives

Stakeholder who officially represents organized groups of stakeholders, including (but not limited to) non-profit, faith-based, or service organizations within the Council boundaries.
  • Two seats open

School representatives

Stakeholder who works at a school or represents an official school booster organization within the Council boundaries.
  • One seat open

Running for office

Who can run for office?

Any stakeholder age 18 and above, who lives, works, or is a member of an organization within the South Robertson Neighborhoods boundaries, who qualifies for an open seat, and has filed a timely application.

All potential candidates must provide identification and any other applicable documentation to establish their stakeholder status for the position which they are applying.

Candidate filing

All potential candidates must complete a Candidate Filing Form (see information at right) and file the form with the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment by the candidate filing deadline on September 28, 2012. All potential candidates will be notified by the Independent Election Administrator if their Candidate Filing Form is incomplete and the steps necessary to complete the candidate filing process. There will be no write-in candidates in this election. Candidates will appear on the ballots in a randomized order determined by DONE.

Candidates may submit a Candidate Statement as part of their application which will be publicly available and posted on the SORO NC and DONE websites.

Candidate information sessions

SORO NC is holding two "eat-and-greet" orientation sessions for people interested in running for a seat: an evening session on Monday, September 10, and a daytime session on Sunday, September 23. You can download a flyer with more information.

Helpful skills

Of course, all qualified candidates are welcome. In particular, we seek enthusiastic, hands-on candidates. And if you have other skills, this is a great place to let them shine: community organizing, web development, communications/PR, writing, design, video production,land use and planning, event planning, bookkeeping, law, emergency response and preparedness, transportation planning, etc.