Learn more about Genetically Modified (GMO) food

Panel Discussion: Mandatory Labeling of GMO Foods

Thursday, September 6 • 7-9pm (starts promptly)
Hamilton High School Cafeteria (map) • Parking available

On Thursday, September 6th, Hamilton students and the SORO NC Green Team will be putting on a educational evening to discuss Proposition 37 (currently on the November ballot) which would require mandatory labeling of GMO foods produced in California. It is a rare opportunity to learn about a complex ballot measure issue from all sides of the debate and to be able to ask questions of the experts. These eight exceptional students have worked all summer to put on this extraordinary event.

The impressive roster includes advocates on both sides of the issue explaining their positions in depth (you can see the speaker list here). If you think that this is not a nuanced issue, you might be surprised after hearing this interesting panel of speakers.

The event is open to the community and there will be a Q & A following. Any questions concerning this event can be directed to Green Team co-chair Paula Waxman or by phone at 310 559-2552.