2019 NC Board Election

2019 Neighborhood Council Elections - May 19, 2019

Update: Final Election Results

The final voting results are listed below. Elected candidates are designated with a green checkmark. You can view the final canvass of votes, including vote totals.

Our thanks to all the candidates, our partners at the City Clerk and EmpowerLA, and Shenandoah Elementary for hosting the polling. Most importantly, thanks to the all voters who helped choose a strong and active Board.

Come out and vote!

SORO NC has a staggered election system, so roughly half the seats are open every two years. In this election, the NC has seven residential district seats (two with a partial term), two at-large seats, three business seats, two organization seats, and one school seat (with a partial term) open. You can see the SORO NC zones on our Mapping SORO page.

All SORO stakeholders aged 15 and above may vote in this election (see FAQs below).

Meet the Candidates

Your chance to meet and ask questions of the 2019 Board candidates before the election.

Thursday, May 16th at 6pm
Simon Wiesenthal Center, 3rd Floor
1399 S Roxbury Dr, Los Angeles

List of Candidates

  • Zone 2 Representative

    1 seat open | 4 year term

    • Richard Bloom

      Richard Bloom

      Hello, my name is Richard Bloom. I have been involved in the South Robertson neighborhood for over a decade and have lived in the neighborhood for over four years. Every day, you can see me walking my dog through the neighborhood. South Robertson is a neighborhood that I love and would like to contribute to improving through beautification efforts, increasing public safety, and balancing development efforts with resident concerns. I have served as an attorney for Los Angeles County for the last 18 years and have significant experience working on many public projects, which I will bring to my role as a representative on the SORO Neighborhood Council Board.

    • Jennipher A Lewis

      Jennipher A Lewis

  • Zone 3 Representative

    1 seat open | 2 year partial term

    • Jonathan M Brand

      Jonathan M Brand

      To be an effective Neighborhood Council it is critical to understand and navigate successfully within the City bureaucracy. That is how you achieve results. I served as a Los Angeles City Council Deputy for 11 years. I have comprehensive understanding of how the City and it's myriad of departments work, who to talk to, and how to cut through red tape. I am a native Angelino. I have been living within the SORO boundaries since 2009. The last two in Zone 3 with my wife and three young children. I love this great community and thrive to help make it even better. It would be an honor to serve Zone 3 and the entire SORO area.

      SORO NC questionnaire response

    • Steve Chocron

      Steve Chocron

    • Cara Daneman

  • Zone 4 Representative

    1 seat open | 4 year term

    • Jared Weston

      Jared Weston

      I have always felt a personal responsibility to involve myself in my community. Over the last 7 years, I have helped run the headquarters for a chain of swim schools based here in Los Angeles. My professional experience combined with my desire to help allows me to feel confident and ready to represent the people who live in my neck of the woods. I am eternally grateful for the countless numbers of families here on the Westside that I have had the privilege of working with so far, and I thank all of them for the life lessons that they (and their children) have taught me over the years. I have spent my entire adult life trying to give back, and I am excited for this opportunity to get to know you all better and be a voice for the neighborhood that my children call home.

  • Zone 5 Representative

    1 seat open | 2 year partial term

    • Nicole LoSasso

      Service is something that has always been a part of my life. Both my parents spent all of my childhood demonstrating that giving back to your community is a reward and a blessing. It is in that spirit that I am running for a Zone 5 representative seat on the SORONC. I have only been a resident of our neighborhood for 2 years, but in that time I have attended several SORONC and RVNA meetings and have witnessed the tireless dedication and energy this neighborhood has. I would love to bring my own service skills as a Sr. Business Coordinator to the board and help continue the good work this board does over the next 2 years.

      SORO NC questionnaire response

    • Linda Theung

      I've been a member of the SORO board since 2017. Before being voted in by the board, I was a member of the community in the Land Use and Economic Development committee. I'm currently still on the committee and am also chair of the Outreach committee (as of February 2019). I'm live in the neighborhood and am interested in improving where we live, work, and play.

  • Zone 6 Representative

    1 seat open | 4 year term

    • Michael Lynn

  • Zone 8 Representative

    1 seat open | 4 year term

    • Gloria Dioum

      Gloria Dioum

      Hello, my name is Gloria Joseph Dioum! After living with my family in many different areas of California, I am happy to find myself settled in this beautiful neighborhood. Since then, five years have passed and I have experienced and observed so many great features that this unique community has to offer. I believe I can bring a fresh lens that enable me to imagine the future all while respecting what has made this such a desirable and wonderful community. For example, there are opportunities to reduce traffic congestion, to increase beautification, to foster small business development along Robertson, and, most importantly, to improve the safe walkability on Robertson. Accessibility and safety are key elements to attract great people who know they can add value and charm to an already thriving place. I can easily imagine SORO with more bakeries, cafes and other community gathering spots to engage with others who value this community. I look forward to working with my community.

      SORO NC questionnaire response

  • Zone 10 Representative

    1 seat open | 4 year term

    • Bianca Cockrell

      Hello! My name is Bianca: I'm a documentary producer with a background in congressional politics. I was born and raised in LA County, and now my roommates and I rent an apartment on Bedford Street. My platform: Making our streets safer for bikers and other car alternatives, and growing bus service and frequency, to alleviate traffic and lower our carbon footprint. Leveling sidewalks to be more accessible for the disabled and elderly communities (and all pedestrians). And, in the face of rapid new development and gentrification, fighting to make sure our neighbors aren't pushed out of their homes. I love our community. I feel fortunate that everyone I've come to know—and those I don't yet—is warm and always willing to help each other, and that all the essentials are within a healthy walking distance: the bus stop I take to work, groceries, and most importantly, Robertson Library. I'm enthusiastic, hardworking, and excited to represent Zone 10! I look forward to chatting with you all.

      SORO NC questionnaire response

  • Business Representatives

    3 seats open | 4 year terms

    • Martin Epstein

      Martin Epstein

      Hi everyone! I’m Martin, and I was first elected to the South Robertson Neighborhood Council in 2010, and am now approaching my 9th year anniversary as Business Representative for this thriving community. I also serve as the Secretary for the Executive Board, as well as Committee Chair for the Green Team and Board Development committees. My focus is and has always been very straightforward: 1. Driving and supporting neighborhood beautification efforts 2. Supporting our local businesses and attracting the right kind of new business to our community 3. Maintaining safe and clean streets and strengthening our neighborhood council partnership and dialogue with the LAPD.

      SORO NC questionnaire response

    • Terrence Gomes

      Terrence "Terry" Gomes

      I have lived in South Robertson since 2003 and have owned a business in South Robertson since 2007. I am also the LAFD Battalion 18 CERT Coordinator and a first responder .I was involved with the South Robertson Neighborhood Council from 2004 to 2016. Since that time, I have seen a lack of city services provided to our community, cut through traffic, increase of crime, and an increase of homelessness that the City is not addressing. We are also seeing a tremendous amount of development around us that is changing the character of our community. We are also seeing more vacancies on our business corridors that cause residents to get into their cars and go shop in other areas instead of walking in our wonderful community. We need to work together to create and support local businesses. On Election Day, let’s work together and elect Terrence Gomes to the SORO NC Business Rep.

    • Stephanie Mello

      Stephanie Mello

    • David Menkes

      David Menkes

      When I moved to South Robertson in 2010, I was working in Culver City as a visual effects artist at Sony Pictures and didn’t think of Robertson Boulevard as anything except a street to commute on. Then I decided to start my own business making chocolate at home. Several of you came to our tiny factory on 24th Street in our living room to see the process and offer encouragement. Now that we’ve opened our factory and retail store on South Robertson, I can more clearly appreciate the challenges and opportunities facing both residents and small business owners here. I spent 20 years working in the film industry and finally got to hold an Oscar for a film I worked on this year. I’ve won over 20 local, national, and international awards for our chocolate. When I put my mind to something, I don’t let up until I’ve accomplished my goal. And I am frankly tired of talk of change in the area and, like you, want to see things change and improve. Let’s work together to make that happen!

      SORO NC questionnaire response

  • Organization Representatives

    2 seats open | 4 year terms

    • Victor Mitry

      Victor Mitry

      My name is Victor Mitry, I am running for the SORO NC as an “Organization” representative. I am blessed to serve on the current SoRo NC board Council. I have been a member of Saint Mark Coptic Orthodox Church since it was established four decades ago. I have grown up spending much of my time involved with the church and community events. My family and I have always seen the community of So Robertson as our second home. In the past I have been involved as a member of the SoRo annual community festival for many years. I have enjoyed helping with this annual event & the wonderful relationship that it has provided the residents and business community. I have also co-chaired the Land use & economic development committee. I have enjoyed taken an active role in being part of the Community through the Annual Thanksgiving Community Lunch, the Peace Picnic and various community events. I look forward to being part of the SoRo NC & participate in solving its challenges & celebrate its success.

    • Paula Peng

      Paula Peng

      Did you know that our Vons is slated to be torn down for more "multi-use" development like what's under construction in downtown Culver? Neither did I until I started visiting SORONC. Concerned by luxury housing replacing rent-controlled buildings, construction-causing traffic, lack of parking & public parks? I'm an educator, permaculturalist, and artist who studies cooperative economics. I'm also a renter of 6 years in SORO and I've seen that we must work hard to keep our neighbors and small businesses safe from displacement. I've recently spearheaded a Tenants Rights Workshop for our community to connect renters to each other and to lawyers who care. Let's stand together for our homes, and let me work to keep you informed and empowered.

    • David Reiman

      David Reiman

      Nice to meet you! I work at the nearby Museum of Jurassic Technology and live in South Robertson as a tenant. Our neighborhood is a vibrant place with schools, parks, restaurants, cultural organizations, and public transit all within walking distance. I hope to serve on the neighborhood council to bring new cultural offerings to public spaces that are accessible to all, ensure the safety of our pedestrians (many of whom are students who must walk past the on-ramp to the 10 to get to school), and conscientiously prepare for the growth of our part of Los Angeles guided by the participation of neighbors rather than the investment portfolios of outside developers. If elected to the neighborhood council, I will work to facilitate dialogue between the council and its constituents so that we can best build the community we want to live in.

  • At-Large Representatives

    2 seats open | 4 year terms

    • Charlie "Tenant-Advocate" Carnow

      Unfortunately, I am unable to run for this office. All power to the tenants!

    • Michael Brandon Guercio

      Michael Brandon Guercio

      Do you want someone who will listen to your needs and fight for you? Well then, hello! My name is Michael Brandon Guercio and I am driven, smart, eager, new homeowner in the South Robertson area who is determined to make our neighborhood a better place than it already is. I have already been working with the mayor's office and city council to better certain aspects of our community. Now, if nominated, it's time to step it up a notch. If you give me the opportunity, I will work hard to make sure our area is safe, well kept, and beautiful. Vote for me and, together, we will make our community shine.

    • David Liberman

      David Liberman

      I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I am an Angeleno to my bones. My wife, son and I have lived in Pico-Robertson now for the better part of 4 years. (Although my son is only 20 months old). In these 4 years I have watched the face of the community change as charming duplexes are being torn down to build new, monstrous apartment complexes. I live through the utter disregard they builders have for the communities who live with the noise, debris, grime and lack of parking. I want to help be a voice for the community.

    • Jason Van Over

      Jason Van Over

      I’m not interested in politics but in my community. I volunteer at the library and the elementary school. For years I’ve attended almost every SORO NC committee and board meeting to understand Helms and Beverlywood, Pico, Castle Heights, and Crestview; our common interests and different perspectives. I’ve taken time—my girlfriend would argue too much time—understanding how the Council functions because civic participation is something I take seriously. While we negotiate complicated tech and housing infrastructure we still need to pick up after our dogs and put out signs for our festival. Community change requires more than sweeping statements. It takes work, both macro and micro, and a commitment to finding common ground among diverse neighbors. I’ve seen this up close. I’m invested in listening, learning, and helping lead. Together we can negotiate the inevitable growth-spurt our community is about to have and maintain the character we love about this place in which we live.

    • Aimee Zeltzer

      Aimee "Malka Aviva" Zeltzer (Declined seat)

      B'sd I am a resident of South Robertson (a.k.a. Pico Robertson) for 5 years. I was previously on the board from 2014-2017. Due to cancer I resigned to take care of my health. I am happy to have recovered. I was Chair of the Green Team (sustainability issues) when I was on the board and I served on many committees. I was active on the Quality of Life committee (which works on improving the neighborhood, helping the homeless, etc.), Safety committee, and Land Use committee. I was an active leader and organizer of many events (PM me on Facebook for details.) This time around I want to encourage property developers to increase the building of affordable housing, add bike lanes & open public spaces for people to convene, a viable community garden, farmer markets, and improve safety. I would also like to increase access to information that effects SoRo so each one of us can become the best citizens and neighbors we can be, making South Robertson the best neighborhood in LA!

  • School Representative

    1 seat open | 2 year partial term

    • No candidates

Election FAQs

What does the NC do?

The NC represents and advocates for our community’s wants and/or needs to local government officials and entities; builds partnerships with government so that government is more responsive to local needs; fosters a sense of community; and decides how to spend the City’s annual financial allocation ($42,000 this year) for priority community activities and projects.

Who can vote?

You don't have to registered in a city, state or federal election to participate; any SORO stakeholder aged 15 and above can vote. The City defines a stakeholder as "those who live, work or own real property in the neighborhood."

Community Interest Stakeholders

But that's not all. The definition was recently amended to include "those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder, defined as a person who affirms a substantial and ongoing participation within the Neighborhood Council’s boundaries and who may be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit and/or religious organizations."

How do I vote?

You just need to show an ID and verify your stakeholder status through simple written self-affirmation on election day when you arrive at the polling location at Shenandoah Elementary 11am and 5pm on May 19. There's no need to preregister.

Note that NC elections are unique; you'll still need to show ID even if you've registered in a prior election.

Who can run for office?

Anyone age 18 and above who qualifies for one of the open seats.

Becoming a boardmember is a great way to get involved in making your community a better place.

What are the responsibilities of being a Boardmember?

At a minimum: help in outreach to community members; represent our community to government officials; make decisions that will affect our community; and participate in at least two meetings each month (General Board meeting and committee meeting of your choice). The more you put in, the more rewarding the experience (and the more you help your community).