Additional Programs

Some of our past and current projects include:

Robertson Recreation Center Redevelopment

A $9 million renovation project to create a modern Recreation Center for SORO. Breaks ground in July 2017. Read more »


Save locally with the SOROCard, a free program that gives you discounts as participating local merchants. Read more »

Building identity within the SORO community 

The NC has worked for over a decade to build SORO into an identifiable community in LA. Read more »

Stepping Forward/Robertson Activities League

Twin programs developed in conjuction with LAPD and the Robertson Rec Center to address gang violence. Read more »

SORO Walks at 7

Encouraging folks to get out at 7 (am or pm) to walk, get healthy, and meet their neighbors. Read more »

KCET Departures: South Robertson

A pioneering project with KCET to document the stories of SORO through video, profiles, and photos. Read more »

Community Grants

The grant program funded applicant projects from local schools and non-profits. Currently inactive. Read more »

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