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Paid for with a generous grant from the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council and a City of Los Angeles Beautiļ¬cation Grant, the Hami Learning Garden on the campus of Hamilton High School is run by Paula Waxman, Garden Manager and George Pessin, Master Gardener.

The design of the garden includes Califormia native plants, herbs, vegetables, succulents, and donated decorative plants. It is run communally, with students and neighbors all working the same plots together and sharing the harvest rather than each volunteer having their own plot. Whatever harvest remains is taken to two local food banks: the SOVA Food Pantry on Pico and St. Augustines Food Bank in Culver City.

The Learning Garden is supported by the Hamilton Student Environmental Club, Nevians, Key Club, and Garden Club and barring bad weather, open to the public two days per week. The program also provides consulting support for additional garden projects in our local elementary schools.

A Master Gardener teaches classes in the garden to the neighbors on subjects like backyard gardening and composting. The students learn everything from issues facing the environment to biology and botany. The Garden also gives science teachers an opportunity to teach soil chemistry and plant physiology first-hand.

And art students use the space as a beautiful place of inspiration.

For current garden hours and to learn how to volunteer, contact Paula Waxman at [email protected].

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