Emergency Services

First-responder emergencies: call 911

An emergency is a life-threatening situation, fire or crime in progress, or serious crime that has just occurred. For other situations, use the numbers below.


Non-emergency contacts

For general non-emergency City services (graffiti removal, etc.), call 311.

Los Angeles Police Department

If you see or are the victim of a crime, it is extremely important that you report it to the LAPD. They can't dedicate more resources to our area if they don't know what's going on. You can file a report on the phone or in person—or you can use one of the anonymous tip lines at right.

Police divisions like West LA are divided into basic car areas (patrol zones). You can see the four basic cars that cover our area on our Mapping SORO page. Each basic car area has a Senior Lead Officer who is the primary community point of contact.

Non-emergency crime reports and general questions: 877-275-5273 (877-ASK-LAPD) • LAPDOnline.org

West LA Police Station

Covers most of SORO.

Front Desk: 310-444-0701More info
Senior Lead Officer Pete Ojeda (car 8A59): Phone: 310-444-0742 • [email protected]
Senior Lead Officer Chris Baker (car 8A95): Cell: 424-339-4041 • [email protected]
Pacific Police Station: Covers south of the 10 Freeway and west of National.
Front Desk: 310-482-6334More info
Senior Lead Officer Juan Ceja (car 14A27): Cell: 310-622-3975 • [email protected]
Wilshire Police Station: Covers the southeast corner of SORO, east of La Cienega Ave.
Front Desk: 213-473-0476More info
Senior Lead Officer Tim Estevez (car 7A73): Cell: 213-793-0786 • [email protected]

Los Angeles Fire Department

SORO is covered by three fire stations: 58, 92, and 43, all part of Batillion 18. You can see a map of their primary coverage areas at our Mapping SORO page, although LAFD resources are deployed wherever needed.

Fire Station 58 • 1556 South Robertson Boulevard • 213-485-6258
Fire Station 92 • 10556 West Pico Boulevard • 310-840-2192
Fire Station 43 • 3690 Motor Avenue • 310-840-2143

Batallion 18 Chief James Ruiz (headquartered at Fire Station 68): Phone: 213.485.6288 • [email protected]
Community Emergency Response Training (CERT): 818-756-9674 • More info

Los Angeles Unified School District

Call 911 if you see a crime being committed or an individual with a weapon.

Hamilton High School / SORO NC Safety Phone Program (between 7:30am–4:30pm)

For teens gathering during school hours or suspicious individuals within a block of the school, call in the following order:

  1. Chief School Security Aide: 310-303-1606
  2. Safe Passages Security Aide: 310-303-1600
  3. Assistant Principal: 310-303-1605
  4. LAUSD School Police Officer: 310-303-1598

After school hours, contact 311 or call the LA School Police Department: 213-625-6631

Robertson Recreation Center, Reynier Park, and Schachter Park

Call 911 if you see a crime being committed or an individual with a weapon. Otherwise, call General Services Police at 213-978-4670 or 922-9719.

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