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Computer Literacy means having a basic, non-technical knowledge about computers and how to use them or to have a familiarity and experience with computers, software and systems. 

Use of computers and the internet are now an integral part of all daily life; necessary for everything from employment and education, to social interaction. Despite the growing importance of computers and being connected to the internet, the United States Department of Commerce has stated that nearly 30% of Americans do not use the internet at all; showing that many may have fallen behind in this fast paced digital and computer age. This is due to many factors and includes demographics from all segments of our population.
In order to help address this issue in our own community, in March 2017 the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council, along with our initial partners Microsoft, The Robertson Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library, and the SoRo Community Foundation, first collaborated to create FREE and local access to basic and intermediate computer literacy courses. Since then, the program has continued to offer new classes each session.
The SORO Digital & Computer Literacy Program (DLCP) offers 12 classes per month (3 per week) at varying days and times. Each class is 90 minutes with time for questions. These courses are open to anyone in the City of Los Angeles 17 and older who feels they need help getting more proficient with computers and the internet.

Courses offered


Launch/Pilot Courses

  • Getting to Know Windows 10
  • Avoiding Digital Frauds & Scams

Computer Literacy 101

These workshops are designed to introduce you to the world of personal computers and how to safely get online and use the web and email.

  1. Computer Basics
    • Hard drive, discs, mice, keyboards, etc.
    • Hardware, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.
  2. Getting to Know Windows 10
    • What is an operating system
    • What is software (including anti-virus)
  3. Internet Basics
    • What is the Internet
    • What is wireless, ISPs, etc.
  4. The Web — Part 1
    • Web browsers, how-to, safety
  5. The Web — Part 2
    • Using sites, bookmarks
    • Facebook, 311, Nextdoor, etc.
  6. Email Basics
    • What it is and how to use it
    • Setting up and using email
  7. Avoiding Digital Frauds & Scams
    • Working in partnership with AARP, this is a workshop designed specifically for Microsoft Stores that focuses on the most prevalent types of online frauds and scams, how to identify them, and the ways in which to prevent them. Topics covered include information and troubleshooting about false web ads, email junk/spam, financial scams, and video and messaging scams.


Fundamentals of Office 2016 (Workshop Series)

The Fundamentals of Office 2016 workshop series showcases the best of the new features from Office 2016 whilst also teaching participants the key fundamentals of each application through hands on tutorial exercises. Workshops include:

  1. Fundamentals of Word 2016
  2. Fundamentals of Excel 2016
  3. Fundamentals of PowerPoint 2016
  4. Fundamentals of Outlook 2016
  5. Fundamentals of OneNote 2016


Courses for Small Business

  1. Cyber Security for Small Business
  2. Worksmart: Get Started with Office 365
  3. Worksmart: Go Paperless with OneNote
  4. How to purchase the right computer for you

Three ways to register for classes

Space in each course is limited. Sign-up online using the form below, by email, or over the phone:

To register for courses in English: 424-341-2667 / [email protected]
To register for courses in Spanish: 424-341-3773 / [email protected]

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