2010 Outstanding Green Citizenship Award winner: Vons Supermarket

A stellar example of outstanding green citizenship, Vons Supermarket has won the first Outstanding Green Citizenship Award.

Through its workplace environment, environmental practices, educational philosophy, and environmental leadership, Vons has shown itself to be an outstanding steward of the earth. It recycles 85% of its waste.  It composts all of its vegetable matter.  It has reorganized its truck delivery systems cutting its greenhouse gas emissions by 11%, which is above the mandated 7% required by law. Vons has a line of organic products that are pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free and a line of biodegradable cleaners packaged in post consumer recycled material.  Vons sells only sustainable seafood and purchases 30% of its produce from local growers.

We hope that Vons' example will inspire other businesses and schools in the community to emulate their efforts to improve the environment of the community and the planet.

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