Outreach Committee

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee's goal is to bring together the South Robertson community both electronically and physically -- through its website, email updates, and community electronic newsletters -- through printed banners, signs, and announcements, and through in-person events and programs that stakeholders within our boundaries can enjoy. Successful programs organized by this committee include an annual Town Hall, the street banner program along South Robertson, and the SOROCard program. Stakeholder participation at both the committee and event levels can be a rewarding and productive experience. What better way to meet new people within your community?

In addition to its other work, the Outreach Committee is responsible for the following programs:

  • KCET Departures Partnership
  • SORO Neighborhoods Development
  • SORO NC Banner Program
  • SORO Walks at 7
  • SOROCard

Outreach Committee Co-Chairs


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