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Every day there seems to be something happening in the SORO community—local events, a new business opening, new trees are being planted, KCET is filming our local history, LAPD helicopters circling above, meetings and committee updates, etc.  It's important as community members that we work together with our neighbors to do what we can to continually improve our communities.

South Robertson Neighborhoods Council (SORO NC) is made up of 10 zones. Three of those zones have established homeowners associations that allow residents to receive information easily and allow those zones to have a strong voice when community concerns arise. These are Beverlywood, Crestview and Reynier Village. Other areas have small pockets of organization, or a neighborhood association that is in need to new leadership to get it running again (e.g. Castle Heights). Others still have no formal or informal organization at all, but they do have residents with a desire to be connected to each other.

SORO NC would like to offer support to residents in all our zones to assist them in reaching out to other interested neighbors to create a framework for hyper-local dialogue. This is helpful both for sharing a sense of community, and for dealing with local problems. Whether you rent or own your home, being connected is a good idea.

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