Staying Safe

These tips were developed by West LAPD, Council District 5 and neighborhood leaders to help you keep your home and neighborhood safe. Share them with your family members, visitors, household help, gardeners and any trusted visitor to your home.

  • Never, ever open the door to strangers.

    If someone knocks at the door, grab a telephone, approach the door, let the person know you are home by asking, through the door any of the following option examples:
    “Who is it?”   
    “Thank you but I’m not interested”
    “Please leave the information in my mailbox.”
    If you are concerned, please use the following telephone numbers:
    310-622-3989          Senior Lead Officer Mario Gonzalez  
    310-444-0703          West L.A.P.D. Front desk for non-emergency information and for logging in a report
    1-877-ASK-LAPD     L.A.P.D. (for non-emergency but worrisome situations at
    (1-877-275-5273)    night – after hours for example - a suspicious car outside)
    911                             Only use 911 if it is an emergency or a crime is in progress.  Please note, if you are calling from a cell phone 911 goes to the Highway Patrol so if you want to call the LAPD from your cell phone, please dial 213-928-8206.
    311                             For general information City services of any kind, please call
    311 and the operator will get you to the right number.
  • Always lock doors when working in another part of the house, such as a back yard.

    Remember to take your keys with you!
  • If you see anything suspicious or any activity that may fit the recent break-in patterns, please call the local police.

    Try to get details such as the license plate and/or take pictures if possible.
  • Lock all doors and windows upon leaving your home.

    Keep garage closed/locked, too. 
  • Leave a light and radio or TV on to appear that someone is home when you leave.

  • Install and use locks on driveway gates, side gates, and back gates to   your property. 

    Opportunistic burglars are discouraged by "harder" targets.
  • Make sure your home alarm is set before leaving your home. 

  • If you don't have an alarm system, you may want to consider getting one as audible alarms are a deterrent. 

  • If you have a security service, be sure to report suspicious behavior promptly to the company.

  • Your dog is better protection, and safer, inside your home than in your yard.

  • If you go away on vacation alert trusted neighbors to keep an eye out and make a visible presence by taking in mail, newspapers, and garbage cans.

  • If you have security cameras on your property please let the WLA police department know if you are willing to share the video in the event if a crime occurs in your area.  

  • Have motion detector lights installed around your property.

  • Be sure to know your neighbors and get their phone numbers so you can contact them when you observe suspicious behavior on their property.

  • Purchase a heavy safe and bolt it to the floor and use it to store small valuables such as jewelry. 

    Otherwise keep jewelry and other small valuables in a bank safe deposit box.
  • Engrave an identification number on TVs and other large electronics. 

    A good ID number is your driver’s license number because the police can use the number to track you down and restore your stolen merchandise. 
  • Don’t leave valuables where they can be seen through house or car windows. 

  • Keep car and house windows and doors locked – ALWAYS!!

  • Keep valuables out of sight when workers are in your home.

  • Install outdoor lighting around your house since it deters nighttime home and car invasions.

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