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This meeting covers a broad spectrum of issues and topics that affect the South Robertson community. You, the stakeholders, are given an opportunity to bring up concerns or make announcements at the start of the meeting, as well as give comments for each motion which comes up during the "New Business" part of the meeting. There are reports from our city partners—both Council District offices, LAPD, Robertson Recreation Center, the Robertson branch library, and others. Following that are reports from each action committee. The Board then moves through the New Business agenda items—motions brought by both individual Neighborhood Council members and committees that cover a wide variety of issues.

The Board uses Rosenberg's Rules of Order (a streamlined version of Robert's Rules) as its parliamentary reference. Download the full Rosenberg's guide or a one page summary.

Motions may only become offical actions of the SORO NC by majority vote at it's General Board meeting.  All SORO NC approved Motions requiring Funding are submitted to the the Los Angeles City Clerk for approval and payment.

The status of Funding Motions and Monthly Expenditure Reprots are available on the NC Funding Dashboard.  The status of recent SORO NC approved correspondance (letters and Community Impact Statements) are updated monthly on the Corrrespondence Tracker.


Executive Board Members

Ken Blaker, Vice President & Parliamentarian | [email protected]
Stuart Weiss, Corresponding Secretary  | [email protected]

Board Members

Avihi Youshaei ,  Zone 1 Representative (through 2025)
Jason Plummer, Zone 2 Representative (through 2027)
Sandy Block, Zone 3 Representative (through 2025)
VACANT, Zone 4 Representative (through 2027)
Laurie Levine, Zone 5 Representative (through 2025)
Marlene Katz, Zone 6 Representative (through 2027)
Sara Messall, Zone 7 Representative (At-Large through 2025)
Tiffany Miller,  Zone 8 Representative (through 2027)
Mitch Cohen, Zone 9 Representative (At-Large through 2025)
Joseph Mollaie, Zone 10 Representative (through 2027)
Joel Weinberger, At-Large Representative 1 (through 2025)
Stuart Weiss, At-Large Representative 2 (through 2027)
Michael Lynn,, At-Large Representative 3 (through 2025)
Baila Romm, At-Large Representative 4 (through 2027)
Benji Karben, At-Large Representative 5 (through 2025)
Terrence Gomes, Business Representative 1 (through 2027)
Barry Levine, Business Representative 2 (through 2025)
VACANT, Business Representative 3 (through 2027)
Shirley Traum, Business Representative 4 (through 2025)
Noah Damsky, Business Representative 5 (through 2027)
Michelle Frankel, Organization Representative 1 (through 2027)
Ken Blaker, Organization Representative 2 (through 2025)
Vacant, Organization Representative 3 (through 2027)
Jon Liberman, School Representative 1 (through 2025)
Eitan Gershov, School Representative 2 (through 2025)

Regular Meeting Times and Locations

The Residence Inn, 1177 S Beverly Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90035- Meeting Room (Street Parking or free Self-Parking on level C) 

Meetings (Agendas, Minutes, Documents)

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